Pleasantville Animal Hospital provides full diagnostic and surgical veterinary services to Pleasantville, NY and Westchester County. When your pet needs its regular check-up, isn’t feeling well or needs surgery, our certified team can handle all of your pets needs. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE:


Laparoscopic procedures are available for spay, gastropexy, liver biopsies, and cryptorchidectomy. more >

  • general procedures (spay/neuter)
  • orthopedic & soft tissue consultations and referrals as needed
  • laser technology
  • laparoscopic procedures including spays, liver biopsy, gastropexy, cryptorchidectomy
  • individualized anesthesia appropriate for species, age, special concerns
  • dental cleanings & surgery
  • short & long-term pain management
  • stem cell therapy
Wellness Exams
  • senior, adult, & juvenile-geared health evaluations
    for all species
  • routine vaccinations & titers
  • microchipping
  • heartworm, flea, & tick treatment and prevention
  • domestic & international health certificates
  • 24-Hour care for hospitalized patients
  • in-house full laboratory
  • digital dental and full body radiographs (x-ray)
  • in-house ultrasound by a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist
  • referrals for CT & MRI as needed
  • preventive health care and wellness exams
  • post purchase exams
  • laparoscopic procedures including sex determination, liver and kidney biopsy’s, retained egg procedures
  • onsite CT scans
  • wing, beak and nail trims
  • full diagnostics
  • bee/apiary medicine, including varroa mite and foul brood treatment
  • exotic laparoscopy
  • full bath with fluff drying by hand
  • coat conditioner to improve hair manageability, sheen and texture
  • coat brushed out & mats gently removed
  • hair trimmed & styled
  • foot pads cleaned & clipped of excess hair, dirt and mats
  • nails trimmed & filed
  • ears cleaned & deodorized
  • hand stripping
  • grooming for all breeds

Boarding / Husbandry
  • medical boarding for all species
  • medicated baths
  • prescription diets
  • ‘Doggie Daycare’
Board-Certified Specialist Consultations
  • We have excellent relationships with several local specialists in the areas of Neurology, Endocrinology (incl. I-131), Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Dermatology, Radiology (incl. ultrasound, CT, MRI), Behavior, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Oncology, and physical rehabilitation.
  • We offer on site Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Surgery consults and procedures.
  • new pet & adoption guidance
  • pet bereavement services
  • disaster preparedness for pet owners (incl. first-aid)
  • lectures & hands-on exhibits for youth promoting responsible pet ownership & husbandry
  • continuing education sponsorship for staff
Pleasantville Animal Hospital

10 Marble Ave
Thornwood, NY 10594

Tel. 914-769-3700


  • Monday-Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
  • Saturday: 8am – 1:00pm