Laparoscopic Spay

A laparoscopic spay is preformed through two small incisions, 5mm in length, made in the abdominal wall. The laparoscopic camera and instruments are inserted through specialized ports allowing better visualization of the internal structures through magnification. This allows for greater precision and fewer complications then traditional procedures. The ovarian ligaments are then isolated and precisely cauterized with little to no pain for your pet. The small incisions are then closed with a single suture, after your pet’s recovery from anesthesia they are typically sent home the same day. Pets spayed this way experience less trauma, faster healing, and faster return to function with up to 65% less-post operative pain.

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Laparoscopic procedures are also available for gastropexy, liver biopsies, and cryptorchidectomy offering the same advantages.


Laparoscopic Cryptorchidectomy


Exotic Laparoscopic

We offer laparoscopic procedures for all exotic pets, including sex determination, bronchoscope, liver and kidney biopsy’s, spays and castrations, retained egg removals, oral, bladder and cloacal procedures as well.

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